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Overview of Projects

Enhancement of the Manhwa industry

Project Pbjective

  • To foster manhwa research and production, along with the commercial and human resources markets, by establishing a cluster of content-related companies and related industries, including creators of comics.
  • This cluster brings the advantage of the economics of concentration.

Project Specifics

  • Attracting comic artists and related companies to the Manhwa Business Center and to the Bucheon Manhwa Creative Studio, each under the umbrella of KOMACON, the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency.
  • Supporting the activities of creating comics and related commerce by providing a comfortable and pleasant creative space and various policies intended to support the occupants.
  • Operating regular forums among related industries and developing collaborative projects through the creation of networks.

<Current Status of Infrastructure for Fostering Creators and Companies, by Location>

Section Location Area
Manhwa Business Center Bucheon / Wonmi-gu / Sang 3(sam)-dong 5,449㎡
Bucheon Manhwa Creative Studio Bucheon / Wonmi-gu / Wonmi-1(il)-dong 2,796㎡
Section Creators`Studio Business Offices Meeting Rooms Equipment Rooms PR and Promotion Office
Manhwa Business Center 21 teams 23 companies 4 rooms 1 room 1 room
Bucheon Manhwa Creative Studio 32 teams 5 companies 1 room 1 room -

Fostering Human Resources in Manhwa Industry

만화영상진흥원 소개 이미지

Educational program to foster talented people

  • K-Comics Academy
    • Providing specialized educational program regarding Manhwa creation, planning and distribution to Manhwa artists, prospective Manhwa artists, and Manhwa related business people based on changing digital environment

Support project for fostering Human Resources

  • On the spot Fostering Creative Human Resources in Manhwa project
    • Support project to enable prospective Manhwa artists to inherit multifaceted experiences and know-how through group mentoring by experts from Manhwa and webtoon creation areas (digital/story/coloring)

Formation and Management of a Specialized Investment Group for Cultural Content

Project Pbjective

  • Promoting investment in quality manhwa projects and in the cultivation of the manhwa content industry (commercial businesses) andpromoting the construction of a manhwa industry cluster in Korea,with KOMACON, the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency, as the principal driving force.

Project Specifics

  • Project title: Investment Group for Cultural Contents
  • Organization scale: 10 billion KRW (maximum 20 billion KRW)
  • Investment areas: All types of cultural content- manhwa, animation, games, movies, among others

Support for Activation of Manhwa industry

Project Pbjective

  • With the step-by-step support projects covering the entire process of planning-production-distribution-diversification, KOMACON(Korea-Manhwa Contents Agency) promotes vitalization of Manhwa creation ecosystem.

Project Specifics & Success cases

  • Diverse Manhwa Contents Production Support Project
    • Securing diversity of Korea Manhwa and creation a balanced Manhwa consumer culture through planning and production support for Manhwa of various genres and subjects.
  • Manhwa Strip Production Support Project
    • Aiming the activation of Manhwa creation basis and distribution condition by supporting a series of excellent Manhwa strips.
  • Manhwa Planning and Development Support Project
    • Providing support in planning and researching phases which are practically necessary for Manhwa artists to ensure that potential ideas are developed into outstanding Manhwa IP without being abandoned
  • Manhwa-Based Contents Production Support Project
    • Providing support for producing derivative products of Manhwa origin to enable the OSMU(One -Source -Multi-Use) of excellent Manhwa IPs
  • Manhwa Contents Diversification Support Project
    • Supporting of producing MCN(Multi Channel Network) contents using Manhwa source and opening Manhwa exhibition to expand the base of Manhwa culture by diversifying the ways for people to enjoy Manhwa that have been enjoyed only in forms of books, the webs, and apps
  • Manhwa Section Help Desk Operation
    • Providing various advisory support regarding law, accounting, taxation, startup and management to resolve various kinds of difficulties in promoting Manhwa creation and business.