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Manhwa Business Center

The Manhwa Business Center supports the activation and simulation of creative work through a variety of programs.

Manhwa industry
in Bucheon

Cultural city Bucheon Along with angouleme in France, and tottori in Japan, cultural city Bucheon has shifted city's paradigm to become a cultural center.
In 1998, Bucheon started to build Manhwa city. As "story telling" is becoming important in many areas, Bucheon applied "Manhwa" contents, effective source of cultural industry.

Bucheon City Started Manhwa city creation plan started since 1998. More than 70 percentage of comic artists in Korea are currently creating works in Manhwa city Bucheon. City also has many innovative cultural facilities; Korea Manhwa museum, Manhwa creation studio, Manhwa imagination street in Bucheon Station, K-comics Station in Sangdong Station, etc. Along with these facilities, Korea manhwa festival(BICOF) takes place annually, on the third week of August.

leads rich and
varied BICOF!

Bucheon International Cartoon Festival (BICOF) is the largest cartoon festival in Korea and takes place every August. BICOF first started at 1998. Since then, Bicof attracts 80,000 people each year. The purpose of the festival is to popularize Manhwa to the public and to develop Manhwa industry. The Festival offers the various programs. Every year festival attracts thousands of people who want to experience unique cartoon programs such as Manhwa exhibition shows, and famous cartoonists' signing event.
Due to its rallying power, the number of programs, the festival is one of the largest samples of cartoon festival that are like Angouleme festival, Tokyo manga festival, and sandiago comicon, etc.
BICOF has welcomed many international cartoon exchanges, the festival has played important role in promote Korean Manhwa to the world.

Specific programs

Exhibition :
Main exhibition, special exhibition, project exhibition, and etc. Approximately 10 exhibitions are held at every year.
Contents Fair :
Runs Manhwa contents related business booth, Foreign investment promotion, Export business consulting, Business matching support, etc.
Conference :
Various lectures, and debate session with famous cartoonist and practicing professionals.
Experience Event :
Opening ceremony & closing ceremony, awards ceremony with famous stars, and cartoonists. Comics character

Visitor status

  • 28,962
  • 2009
  • 80,527
  • 2011
  • 118,959
  • 2013
  • 122,253
  • 2018

ICC Logo

ICC : INTERNATIONAL COMIC ARTIST CONFERENCE is an international civil exchange organization that helps cartoonists from all around the world to share a friendship. ICC also provides opportunities to see each country's different cartoon style, culture, and their thoughts. ICC Korea secretariat is located at KOMACON. Since 1996, annual conference takes place in ICC standing committee member countries : Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Year Country City Theme Participate regions participant(s)
Sep. 1996 Japan Tokyo Common Language
Sep. 1997 Korea Seoul Expression and Freedom
Sep. 1999 Taiwan Hsinchu Internationalization
Aug. 2000 Hong Kong Hong Kong Comis in the 21st Century
Oct. 2002 Japan Yokohama Copyright of Comics
Oct. 2004 China Beijing Comics and Ethnicity
Oct. 2005 Korea Bucheon Friendship of Global Village 27 277
Nov. 2007 Hong Kong Hong Kong Digital Entertainment and Media 8 276
Sep. 2008 Japan Kyoto Comics and Environment 10 268
Oct. 2009 Taiwan Tamsui Comic Education and Industry 8 197
Sep. 2010 Korea Bucheon Harmony Among Cultures Through Cultural Arts 22 355
Oct. 2011 China Beijing Better World Through Comics 11 202
Nov. 2012 Japan Tottori Food and Ocean 6 117
Nov. 2013 Hong kong Wan Chai New Direction in Comic Creation 8 202
Nov. 2014 Taiwan Kaohsiung Digital Creation by Comic Artists Worldwide 8 179
Oct. 2015 Korea Daejeon My Voice 8 281
Jun. 2018 Taiwan Xinbei The future of Comics 8 127
Nov. 2019 Japan Kitakyushu Comic Archives: the Preservation and transmission of Comic 8 184

Manhwa Award

Bucheon Comics Awards - Every year, Grand prize / Children Manhwa prize / Overseas work prize / Academic critique prize / Reader`s popularity prize
- Manhwa artist who wins the grand prize of Bucheon Comics Award is given the chance to design an official poster and hold a special exhibition in Bucheon International Comics Festival

Our Manhwa of Today - The year`s representative Manhwa works are selected
- First government-led Manhwa award with the previous form of Korea Manhwa Literature Award that started in 1991

Korea Creative Comics Contest - Anyone over the age of 18 can participate
- Short Manhwa / Cartoon section
- Since 2003, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

National Student Comic Works Contest - Fostering new talented people systematically by providing educational program for award winners
- Divided into middle school group and high school group
- Story Manhwa / Cartoon section
- Awarding the prize of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism

National Digital Comics Contest - <Naver Webtoon Contest> with KOMACON
- Gaining the chance to publish officially in Naver Webtoon
- Since 2017, the contest expanded the qualification to allow not only students from Manhwa department but also any prospective artists even without official career of publication to participate in <Naver Webtoon Contest>

Contest for Promotion of Original Comic Works - <Daum Webtoon Contest> with KOMACON
- Systematically fostering new talented people by providing mentoring and producing programs