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Vision and Mission


A hub of Korea Manhwa contents industry

"Support Manhwa culture and develop Manhwa industry"


Strengthening the value of Korean Manhwa

"Increase Korean Manhwa market size to 2trillion won"


Datarize intelligence assets
Muliti -platformize outcome of support projects


Vitalizing cartoon & animation service

Invigorate Korea Manhwa museum management

  • 1. Developing experimental exhibitions, cartoon education
  • 2. Effectively running multiplex specialized in animation
  • 3. Running community program. "Happy Manhwa sharing project"

Strengthening infrastructure of Manhwa information

Strengthening capability of Manhwa ggujjanggak management

  • 1. Establishing Korean cartoon archive
  • 2. Supporting Korean Manhwa research and publication
  • 3. Running cartoon library
  • 4. Collecting historical cartoon

Vitalizing cartoon & animation contents creation and distribution

  • 1. Establishing a platform for digital comic distribution
  • 2. Support producing cartoon contents for open-market
  • 3. Supporting global comic produce

Strengthening management of cartoon & animation cluster system

  • 1. Developing new businesses and cartoonists for creating cartoon cluster system
  • 2. Supporting business of cartoon and animation
  • 3. Developing human resources
  • 4. Vitalizing promotion of cartoon creation

Expending international exchange and market size

  • 1. Bucheon International Comics Festival
  • 2. International Children Comic Artist Awards
  • 3. Managing ICC secretariat


Strengthening cartoon business policy

  • Policy reinforcement
  • Public relations, and marketing reinforcement
  • Realizing an ideal cartoon city

Strengthening management of Bucheon cartoon culture

  • Increasing management effectiveness
    • 1. Pursuing management innovation
    • 2. Development of information indicator system
  • KOMACON management