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Welcome Message

The Promising future of
Korean Manhwa

Comics make us laugh, and they even make us cry. They tell stories with
so many characters. They make us dream.
The Korea Manhwa Contents Agency exists to tell the world about Korea`s
Manhwa, to bring fun and happiness to readers, and to support the comics
industry and its future growth.
The world is focused on culture contents and comics have always been at the
center of storytelling. Comics are where one`s imagination takes flight and
dreams are inspired. It`s the most efficient and economical way to tell a
story. It`s also easy to transfer comics to the digital world.
The Korea Manhwa Contents Agency hopes to make Korean comics, Manhwa,
a part of culture that the world can shara and identify with. We hope to
make Manhwa a valuable asset to Korea`s culture, but also contribute to
revive local economy through promotion the Korean Manhwa industry based
on artistic, educational, and industrial values of comics.
Korea`s Manhwa has a 100-year history, and we will continue to write this
history for the next 100years. Thank you for supporting Korea`s Manhwa.
Thank you.

Lee, Hae-Kyung Chairwoman
Korea Manhwa Contents Agency 한국만화영상진흥원 회장 김동화

한국만화영상진흥원 회장 김동화