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Welcome Message

A steadfast pillar of Korean culture

I’m Cho Kwan-je, the 11th Chairman of the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency (KOMACON).
I want to express my gratitude to my fellow cartoonists who have recognized and contributed to the progress of KOMACON, from its inception as the Bucheon Manhwa Information Center. I am also grateful for the efforts of many individuals working toward the advancement of Korea's Manhwa culture.
Successfully capturing the public’s attention for KOMACON is a notable accomplishment in itself. However, maintaining that interest is a different challenge.
I am dedicated to maintaining public interest by recognizing and harnessing KOMACON’s potential, as well as exploring its future role in the realm of Manhwa culture and industry.
My aspiration is to play the part of a postage stamp on the journey of enhancing KOMACON and the Manhwa industry. Like a postage stamp firmly affixed to its task, I will give my utmost effort to achieve our shared goal.
I hope that KOMACON, as an essential hub for the development of Manhwa culture and industry, will continue to thrive as a vibrant cultural institution for years to come. I trust that, with your support, we will stand as a steadfast pillar of Korean culture.
Thank you.

Cho Kwan-je, Chairman
Korea Manhwa Contents Agency

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