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Welcome Message

The hub of Manhwa’s dignity and pride

I’m Chairman Kim Hyeong-bae of the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency.
The Korean Manhwa industry that is based on webtoons is the subject of global attention and interest, having already grown to a value far exceeding 1 trillion KRW. During these exciting times, Korean webtoons are enjoying strong growth, which means the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency must undertake a more vital role than ever before.
All around the world, lifestyles have undergone significant changes due to the sudden strike of COVID-19. In this era of sweeping transformation in entertainment and digital technologies, Korean webtoons have been recognized as an optimized medium, offering comfort to people in their daily lives and raising the status and value of K-webtoons as a whole.
With the change in comics’ status, related organizations are also making their voices heard in unprecedented diversity and detail. The Korea Manhwa Contents Agency aims to set a model example of new governance by working harmoniously with the cartoon world, Bucheon-si, the central government, and the academic, cultural, and industrial domains.
More than 50 years have passed since I first entered the comics world, and while my passion has waned slightly with age, I consider it my last duty and dedication to my lifelong partner Manhwa to play a central role in showcasing their dignity and pride.
Thank you.

Kim Hyeong-bae Chairman
Korea Manhwa Contents Agency 한국만화영상진흥원 회장 김형배

한국만화영상진흥원 회장 김형배