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Manhwa Business Center

Location Wonmi-gu giljuro 1 (sangdong 529-2), Bucheon
size 15.421m2(total ground area)
Total floors B2~5F
Key fcilities B1~B2 : parkng lot
1F : POD center, PIFAN executive offfice
2F : cartoonist studio spaces, office spaces, nap rooms, education rooms
3F : cartoonist studio spaces, office spaces, PISAF executive office
4F : cartoonist studio spaces,office spaces
5F : KOMACON,ICC secretariat,seminar room

Cartoonist-in residence & office spaces

Classification Manhwa Business Center
Cartoonist 29team(s)/116people
Business 16business(es)/116people
Total 45group(s)/232people

Operation Objectives

  • To establish a manhwa content cluster, by gathering together In a single location a number of manhwa-content-related commercial enterprises and related businesses, as well as manhwa creators.
  • To serve as a production base camp/idustry hub for Korean manhwa content, generating jobs and creating added value by stimulating business activities (through the development, implementation, and support of a variety of projects related to the manhwa content business) and by cultivating manhwa content commercial enterprises.

Main Functions

  • Building a foundation for the cultivation of high-quality artists and commercial enterprises
    • Operation of a creative studio for manhwa artists
    • Operation of a business chamber for the leading spinoff commercial enterprises related to cultural content doing commerce with manhwa as source material, hand ling business such as comics publishing, animation, movies, and mobile manhwa, among others
  • Operating a variety of facilities, including: a seminar room medium-& small-sized meeting rooms for resting or sleeping equipment for all rooms and a multipurpose screening room